Reminder of Alice in Wonderland

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Richmonds got some creepy stuff.  I found this statue of 3 girls in a building at VCU and it reminds my of Alice in Wonderland. They kind of look like if Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum had sisters. And VCU was established in 1838  and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first printed in 1865.  Maybe it was the look of the time? Because I know this statue is old whether or the campus is actually that old for the most part is another story. The building it was in was old too with an old furnace which I now wish I had taken a picture of.

Granted this statue may not be as creepy as some statues of children I’ve seen at William and Mary or Maymount Park, but those didn’t remind me of Alice in Wonderland.  They just kind of scared me.

Maymount Statue

William and Mary statue  This one you kinda just walk up on from the woods and don’t really notice.

Maybe I just don’t like bronze statues?



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