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I saw a drank truck and just had to take a pic.  The trucks purple like the drink can. I never tried drank and don’t plan to. Its basically the opposite of Red Bull.  It’s supposed to chill you out instead of giving you energy.  Of course when I hear about Drank  I think about something else, called Drank  (aka purple Drank) that’s a codeine and promithazene mix, that if you sip on you might not wake up from. There are a lot of mentions of actual Drank in rap songs like Sippin on Some  Syrup-Three Six Mafia.  Drank has killed a number of people. 

I guess people want to control when they are hyped up or chill with all these energy drinks and things on the market.  I think I’ll stick to my tea, coffee, and soda if I need to chill out or need a pick me up.  They taste better than the energy drinks and are cheaper.

What do you think about Drank?



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