Failed Attempt and Egg-Frying Heat

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I really wanted to go to the Virgin Mobile FreeFest that will be at the Merriweather Post in Maryland, but it just didn’t work out.  Buying concert tix is usually bad enough. Trying to get them free was atrocious. I think it was the first time this festival was free.  I hope it works out so they can have it again. Ticketfly kept kicking my friend and I off and wouldn’t let us get any tix. It was worse than registration at William and Mary, which is saying a lot.   It kept making up crap like you have two browsers up at once when really only one was up and I was forcibly removed from the site for what? And then when I had pretty much gotten the tix I was kicked off the site and of course I ended up with nothing.  I was so close. I could have seen MIA, ludacris, TI, Joan Jett, Jimmy Eat World, and a lot of other acts like the up and coming Sleigh Bells.  Oh well, there’s always next time and who know who’ll be there.  And there will be other concerts, but not free like this.  And the only person who I’ve heard got tix is a computer wiz.  Were you lucky enough to get tix? If you were I’m jealous.  That is going to be one hell of a show. And I haven’t been able to be a fan at the last concerts I’ve gone to because I’m technically at work. 😦 I was looking foward to yelling my lungs out.

Its been so hot lately that my internet hasn’t been holding up to the heat.  Maybe if it wasn’t so hot I would have gotten a ticket? Anyways it reached 105 degrees in Richmond yesterday which broke a record for July here.  I figured it was hot enough to fry an egg on the black pavement and boy was I right. I fried an egg and made sun tea, just set water outside with tea bags in it.  And today is supposed to be just as hot…I hate this heat, but it least its doing my cooking for me right?



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