Abba The Music

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I worked the Abba The Music concert the other day.  And the heat was horrific. It reached 104 with a 111 heat index.  It was bad stepping out for just 10 to 15 min. let alone having to work all day in the heat or cook…I can’t even think about that.  The crew had to set up the stage in that heat. I don’t think I could have taken that kind of heat.  Even with the air it was hot inside the trailers.

The group Abba the Music was awesome.  They were all from Sweden like the original Abba and had two members who played with the original Abba.  I thought that was neat. Seeing them on stage was like a blast from the past with their 7os outfits and sound.  And just like the 70s the girls were there to sing and dance and not play instruments.  The guys played the instruments. One girl played a tambourine.

Abba’s  music really has influenced a lot today. Madonna used a little of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme in Hung up and I hadn’t realized they did a song called Fernando, which is a name mentioned in Lady Gaga Alejandro.

All in all I enjoyed the concert and was glad I could see it, even in the sweltering heat, unlike that Earth, Wind, and Fire that I missed.  And I think everyone’s favorite song of the night was Money, Money, Money, because everyone had that stuck in their head and were singing it.  Me included. Sunday’s the Counting Crows.  I’m looking forward to it. Maybe it’ll have cooled off by then.


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