I drive a Space Ship

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I drive a space ship, but its not a Lincoln and I’m not Lady Gaga, but I may be gaga.  Everyone says she has a space ship, which I definitely could believe with the way she dresses.

Those Lincoln commercials got me thinking they’re selling space ships which in my opinion is really awesome. Its got futuristic 80s music that are all covers for some reason but are still cool and they say awesome things like space ships don’t have keys.  If I liked the way the Lincoln looked over the car I have (which I don’t) and had the money I would probably buy a Lincoln based on the commercial.

Major Tom by Shiny Toy Guns instead of Peter Schilling

Space Oddity by Cat Power instead of David Bowie

Burnin’ for you by Shiny Toy Guns (Lincoln must love them or they just like 80s covers) instead of Blue Oyster Cult

Under the Milky Way by Sia instead of The Church

I drive a Honda Civic ’09 and it comes complete with an electric speedometer and a video gamish steering wheel.  Its sleek fast and as a pinstrip down the side and its really low to the ground and oval.

Yes I love space ships and futuristic music and people too if you haven’t figured it out and I’m not ashamed.  How about you? And have you noticed the Lincoln commercials at all?



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  1. jlwagn said,

    Is that Mel Gibson sitting next to Lady Gaga? perhaps his brother Smel Gibson? He looks upset

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