Gift of a GPS and scarves

January 12, 2010 at 1:13 pm (fashion, Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , , )

I’m so far behind on my blog I’m still talking about Christmas.  Two gifts I received were a GPS and some scarves.  I love both of these gifts, but they both have a dark side.

Now when I got the GPS I was like yay I’m never going to get lost again.  Wrong.  Sure a GPS gives you directions, but if you’re given the wrong pronouncation of a word or the wrong address it can’t do much to help.  I heard west end instead of weston and it took me somewhere else.  At least I wasn’t like the couple who followed their GPS then got stuck in the snow.  At least their GPS got them found thanks to the signal, but that was three days later.  But seriously would you go down a back road in the snow?

I also received some beautiful fashion scarves for Christmas.  I’m so excited American women are wearing scarves.  I had envied foreign women their scarves for some time.  But I hate to be morbid when I say this.  Scarves are as dangerous as the capes on the Incredibles.  They are long and tend to get caught up in things.  A dancer in the 20s, Isadora Duncan, died when her scarf got caught up in a car’s wheel.  More recently a teen died when her scarf got tangled in a go-kart and a woman’s scarf got caught in a machine.  Scarves are dangerous, but I love them.  I also tend to tie them so they don’t  hang loose, because I really don’t want to have an accident involving a scarf.


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