Madonna vs. Lady Gaga

October 5, 2009 at 12:46 pm (music) (, , , , , , , , , )

Have you watched any vids featuring pop divas like Madonna and Lady Gaga battling it out with words using what looks like a lego video game.  There’s a lot of them out there.  This is just one.   Be forewarned if you’re easily offended don’t watched that vid or the next link. They look like the one Richard Pryor SNL skit with Chevy Chase.  Unfortanately I couldn’t find the real vid but here’s a link.  Really funny.  Basically they insult each other when that wasn’t the intention for the characters to see each other.

Watching Madonna and Lady Gaga battle it out in real life is much funnier than the stiff video game figures.  Their SNL skit was hilarious.  I thought it was kind of scary though.  Madonna was looking extra skinny and muscular, but she would have beat the crap out of Lady Gaga.  I’m wondering if Madonna’s got some hidden anger somewhere.  Kinda looked like she was really going to beat Gaga up.  Gaga needs to be careful around Madonna.  And I thought Lady Gaga was scary with her Phantom of the Opera dress and monster fixation. She did do a monster thing @ 1:30 Looks like Madonna got where she is today for a reason (in addition to talent because sadly talent isn’t enough to find so much success. )

What do you think?


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