Mad Dog Love

October 4, 2009 at 9:26 pm (art, comics) (, , , , , , , )

dog loveSome people have mad dog love which I would necessarily disagree with if they aren’t being treated better than humans or taking their places.  Seriously dog spas (and I’ve never been to one.  I’m jealous of dogs!), frozen treats in the people section, doggie root beer, doggie tea shops…the list goes on.

I saw a show on TV like the super nanny but for dogs and on one epsiode a couple spoiled their dog to the point where their son complained that the dog was eating better and was treated better than him in general.   Then there are the dogs that inherit millions and millions of dollars (again I’m jealous of dogs).

And the sad thing is dogs don’t care as long as they aren’t hungry what they are eating.  An SNL skit from the other day featured a man giving his dog garbage in order to save money during the recession and of course the dog ate it.

I think that this mad dog love is part of what keeps the heat on Michael Vick.  Of course dog fighting is stupid, petty, and mean, but seriously there are football players and others who have done terrible things to people and haven’t gotten so much anger directed at them.

What do you think about mad dog love?


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