Kanye+Gaga tour died

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Crazy stuff’s flying around about the Kanye+Gaga tour and the tour’s not until November.  50 cent has been record calling the tour a “gay tour” 

Lady Gaga has said that she is going to turn the world gay.  Thing is Kanye is on tour with her and he has problems with people calling him gay and has even been made fun of on Southpark for this being called gay fish.  50 might have just been aware of this or he could have just been being mean.  I know he’s had a beef with Kanye ever since the VMAs so it was must likely the 2nd of the two reasons. 

Well the tour’s not going on though… Kinda sad. Guess they don’t know if Kanye’s going to jail for that assault he did earlier. I thought it would be a good tour whether or not Kanye is a gay fish.  Gaga and Kanye’s music does mesh well.  Fame does kill.  Especially if you achieved it through outburst it seems.  So the Kanye+Gaga Fame Kills tour died.

What do you think about all this?


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Kanye a bear without Honey

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kanye teddySeems like Kanye’s not taking the break he said he would.  Seems he threw a hissy fit over some chicken while backstage at a charity event. I hope he gets some rest before the Kanye+Gaga tour that starts in November.  Before the VMAs I think they were planning on starting it in October, but moved it back, I thought for some rest, but it doesn’t look like that. 

As for Kanye’s outburst, although I think they are annoying, sadly I think that’s the reason I know about him really.  I think this goes for a lot of people unfortunately.  Can you imagine Kanye without outbursts?


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Spin that record DJ Hero

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DJ Hero looks interesting, not as good as Guitar Hero but interesting.   Game play looks similar to guitar hero. Hit the right notes on time.  Thing is you’re mixing songs in this game.  The songs look good, but the mixes are going to carry the game.  If they aren’t good then the game won’t be either.  I’m hooked on the Guitar Hero franchise I  may get this when its used and cheap, but right know I’m not planning on it.  I’m still thinking about getting Guitar Hero 5, because I haven’t bought it yet.

If you played it what do you think?


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