Glamourizing suicide? I don’t think so

September 18, 2009 at 4:10 pm (music) (, , , , , , )

Lady Gaga is now under fire by an anti suicide group for glamourizing suicide in her vma performance of paparazzi.  Unlike in the music video in which Gaga gets a way with murder, she’s the one to die.  Truthfully I thought she was “killed” in this performance and did not “commit suicide” but I could be wrong.

Her response to this was that the paparazzi killed her personal life and this was a representation of that which seems to suggest that Gaga did not see this as suicide.  Before this whole performance she said that the song was inspired by Princess Diana’s death.  I think the song and performance take on different meanings for her, like its evolving into something it wasn’t before, but I do not think that this performance was glamourizing suicide.  It was more that the paparazzi and I guess everyone  else glamourize death.

I find the performance shocking, insane, and intriguing. I admit I’ve watched it more than a few times.   What do you think about Lady Gaga’s performance? 



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