Songs Feat. other artist

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I think that if an artist is going to have another one featured in their song the other artist should have more than just the chorus if they’re known and good. I can understand something like Lady Gaga’s Just Dance featuring Colby O’Donis giving him a short time to sing (or rap or whatever), although Akon is in it too and he doesn’t get featured although at the time the song came out he was definitely way more famous than either Lady Gaga or Colby.

 I mean don’t give them one line to sing that basically anyone else could do like Pharrell’s song Can I have it like that featuring Gwen Stefani.  Wale’s Chillin featuring Lady Gaga has Lady Gaga singing more than one line, but its still the chorus.  And the strange thing about this one is she sounds a lot like MIA. 

What do you think about these songs?



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