Just Dance vs. Bedtime stories cover

April 29, 2009 at 9:00 pm (fashion, music) (, , , , , )

Recently I’ve probably been watching too many Madonna vids at the same time that I’ve been watching a lot of Lady Gaga’s stuff.  So I noticed a lot of similarities.  But hey what do you expect? I’m not going to list them all since there are so many, but here’s a fairly obvious one that I hadn’t known about.  I hadn’t really look at Madonn’s album covers before so I hadn’t known they were similar. So here you go

The Just Dance single pic is very similar to Madonna’s Bedtime stories cover.  Notice the frilly shirt,  positioning of the hands, and the hair.


Looks like Madonna had a large influence on Lady Gaga.  You should compare the vids, not just these pics.  Well Madonna definitely made it big, so its good to get some tips from her. 




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