Gaga Fashion

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I’m sure everyone knows Lady Gaga’s got fashion whether you like it or not.  Liked that zipper eye she wore on American idol?  I like her fearless style.  Aristist have been known to wear outrageous things.  Sometimes its a hit and others its a miss.  It takes someone fearless to truly find hits.

One thing that I’ve learned from her fashion is who her inspiration is and I think they are awesome.  I’ve been learning a lot about fashion from Lady Gaga.  Funny considering she has a song called fashion where she lists off some of the top designers.  I was kind of clueless before to tell you the truth…I didn’t know what Manolos where besides that they were designer shoes.

There’s Margiela

Lady GaGa-RWP-000716.jpg

Like the shoulder pads?

Then there’s Chaylan Have you seen the bubble dress?


Some people have rightly commented that Lady Gaga’s haus created an almost exact replica of the Chaylan dress instead of buying one.  The thing I have to disagree about with this post is that Chaylan did not miss out on publicity.  I found out about it because Lady Gaga’s always saying his name and since I liked the bubble dress I found out who’s idea it was.  And it was a good thing she never claimed it was her idea, or else that really would have been stealing.

The list goes on and on really for designers that I either found out because of her or found out more about them. I’m sure you don’t want an entire list of them.  It would really get ridiculous.  But by learning about designers I’ve found the ones that I like.  I’m sure that will be others that I like, but at least know I can say I have favorites.

And has anyone else noticed that Lady Gaga’s style has been progressing? At first it consisted of catsuits, shoulder pads, head scarves, and no pants stuff with fairly plain designs.  Now she has the zipper eye-star outfit, the prism dress, the black and white lightning dress, the bubble dress, the chrome dress, and who knows what else.




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