Heavy Metal is beautiful too

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People who don’t listen to metal often or who just don’t understand the amount of sub categories there are, too many often don’t realize that metal is beautiful music too.  I had to look up metal on wikipedia to realize hey I like metal and I like it alot.  Why didn’t I know? I don’t like screaming in songs, although yelling is ok. Is there a difference? I’m not sure but what I listen to has enough yelling to think so.  But putting together different sounds and forming a heavy metal orchestra of sorts is wonderful. I’m not sure what constitutes metal and I hope all the songs I list are metal in some form (if not please tell me).

So here’s so of what I think is good.  I’m not going to write about classics like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest which are awesome, but those are definitely metal and I wouldn’t get confused about it.

Within Temptation Angels   beautiful singing and instruments

Apocalyptica Hall of the Mountain King    Cellos oh yeah!  A lot of Classical music sounds good as metal for some reason. 

Birthday Massacre Blue

Inis Mona Eluveitie  Violin, flute, etc… awesomeness

Oomph  Gott ist Ein Popstar  Augen Auf     Electronic bass line

Evanescence  umm mostly all so here’s a good one missing 

As you can see all the songs are not necessarily in English.  So tell me what you think.  I’ve been told that Oomph was scary but I don’t really see it. There are a lot more metal songs I listen to, but I think that’s a good amount to show that metal is beautiful too. And so I officially like and listen to any type of music as long as its good and yes that includes blue grass, country, rap,  foreign music etc. 



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