Craziness of Japan on American TV

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Lately the US has been showing more and more of Japanese TV and converting for Americans. This summer there was I survived a Japanese Game show which was very much like Big Brother, only in Japan and having less focus on personal drama.  Ninja Warrior and another show like were also popular during the summer .  The Japanese Game Show involved Americans competing on a fake Japanese game show in Japan.  Coming soon will be a show called Hole in the Wall in which contestants jump through boards with holes in it.  (Look Like Japanese TV to me). 

Well New York goes to Hollywood had a Japan segment in which the viewer gets to see behind the scenes of Japanese tv and its not pretty. It was funny in a rather sad way. It was so wrong.  I couldn’t have dealt with that especially to people who didn’t deserve it. That woman didn’t deserve to be hit or that man choked.  The director was seriously out of control.  The video unfortuately shows an example of the superior having utter control over the people beneath him and no one wants to or can complain.  It’s a rather big problem in Japan although it does happen everywhere.

Let’s see how popular Japanizing American shows gets.  Japanese gameshow are always outrageous and fun to watch.  Hai Majide!


How I survived a Japanese Game Show


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