Movies woo!

July 13, 2008 at 9:11 pm (movies) (, , , , , )

Summer is a good time to watch movies and catch up on some stuff.  Here’s what I watch recently:

Juno Good.  So many people said it and I finally got to see it and it proved to be good. 

10,000 BC Kind of reminded me of a non gory Apocalypto without so many subtitles. It was really good and had a fantasy/sci fi twist that involved people from a land that sank (Atlantis?).

Vantage point So everyone in this movie was superman.  So many people got hit by cars and then got right back up. I find that hard to believe. Besides this and the fact that there was no explanation or motivation for the terrorists actions it was a good movie.

Superbad Like the critics said funny but with plenty of foul language. And more people getting hit by cars and then getting right back up. Good music helps too.


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