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I just finished reading the book Twilight.  I can see why its such a popular teen book.  It’s got a girl stuck in a situation she doesn’t want to be in (namely living in and going to school in a place she knows she hates), forbidden love (shouldn’t fall in love with someone who’s not even your own species), vampires, trouble(lot’s of it).  The guy Bella loves is kind of scary (he’s a vampire I guess he can’t help it) so he’s kind of got this bad boy image, but he’s really good at heart which makes it ok. And of course he’s really hot.  Now I’m going to go wait for the second book to come in on hold at the library. I’m curious to see how this turns out.  Of course the third book came in on hold before the second, but I’m not going to peek or read ahead although I’m sorely tempted and to speak of temptation a girl’s hands are holding an apple on the cover…hmm….Well it’s a really good book and a really good vampire book (a lot of them aren’t good but this one is).





  1. anneiceia wiltshire said,

    this book could not have gotten any better. my roomate was reading it one night and all of a sudden just started to cry. i just looked at her like she was crazy 😛

  2. anna said,

    my name is anna i live in toronto i am 12 and i am in a weel-chair and when you are i a wel-chair you can’t do a lot of stuff .so i read o lot some good some bad but one day my friend told me i should read twinligth she said its realy good so i did well i am reading it now and this was the best book ever thank-you .you mit thik i am to youg to read this book but what can i do i just can’t stop by the way i am writing one too ist called Claire thunster

  3. hayley rader said,

    im reading the last book of this series….Breaking Dawn and i am in love with it she is an amazing writer and i love her books….

  4. izzi said,

    twilight is a failure it is the worst book i’ve ever read …i can’t see why anyone likes it. smeyer is a childish loser and the idea that people consider these books to be literature is laughable

  5. dani said,

    i think izzi is wrong. this is a fantastic book, so…… it!

  6. rachel said,

    this book was great…. best book ive ever read !

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