The Far Sweet Thing

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All of Libba Bray’s novels in the Gemma Doyle Trilogy have many poetic and artsy themes not to mention there is a poem to start them off that is the theme of the novel.  The first book, A Great and Terrible Beauty begins with the poem the Lady of Shalot by Tennyson. The second book, Rebel Angels, is framed by the rebel angels of Paradise Lost by John Milton and the fight between the angel Michael and the devil.  While the final book, The Far Sweet Thing, begans with the Rose of Battle by W.B. Yeats. 

I enjoyed reading the sries and I would like to see what else the author has in store.  She has great literary knowledge and sense of humor although I suspect that its a bit dark.  Anyways anyone interested in Victorian England, magic realms, and or poetry should really read these.

Throughout the novels the characters go through many conflicts and dilemmas which change them and not always into better people.  All the characters are flawed, no one’s except.  Each of the characters show a surprising mix of good and evil and are capable of love and hate.  The on going love story is both painful and enjoyable to read as I’m sure all good love stories are.

Gemma Doyle also changed from the girl who dream of balls and gossip to one who cared absolutely nothing for either.  She went to wishing for the happiness of the past and realizing time past can never return and so she must move forward into the past with its memory still intact.  I think this is a lesson many of us struggle or are struggling to learn are are many of Gemma and her friends’ lessons that they are forced to learn.

Well throughout The Far Sweet Thing Gemma was kind of scaring me could of her choice of association (circe), her boldness, and use of her powers.  Well Pip scared me too. Did anyone else who read the book feel this way as well?



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  1. Mollie said,

    i LOVED a great and terrible beauty, rebal angela and a far sweet thing. They were the best books i’ve read since the twilight saga. I cried when i read the end of a far sweet thing it was soo sad and i hope there will be more books to follow it.

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