Been away for a while

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Well I’ve been busy with school and stuff so that’s my excuse for being away.  It’s a really nice day today (in the middle of February) for some reason.  I think it might be over 80 degrees.  That’s definitely not normal.  It might be global warming. 

I’m still reading the same manga in Japanese as before, but now I’ve found an English translation that is kind of terrible.  I guess they all might be, but I didn’t notice before because I wasn’t comparing an English translation to the actual Japanese.

So what’s different? I witnessed a waterfall inside my dorm from a water fountain that blew up or something.  I had no idea that water fountains had that much water pressure in at.  The pipe was loose on the third floor and flood some rooms up there.  Then the water flowed down the stairs and started flooding the basement.  Not to mention that water started flowing into the first and second floors. Here’s a clip.  Crazy huh? And sorry for the bad commentary.

Other than that I’m working on a comic that’s taking me a little longer than I thought so here’s an old drawing (3 or 4 years old) that may or may not have gotten me into college.  Its a picture of colonials and native Americans. Both of them don’t trust each other so they have weapons, but at the same time their agreeing to peace.

colonials_and_indians.jpg picture by galaxyalpha

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