Yet another contest

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In November I entered a contest in which I had to draw a manga.  It was a doujinshi (or fan comic) for the manga Black Sun, Silver Moon.  I never read the manga, but by looking at the art and reading the story line I managed to draw a doujinshi.  I was a finalist in the competition so I won a few prizes and got my work displayed at the New York Anime Festival. I couldn’t go see my work display which would have been nice, because I don’t live in New York and I wasn’t going to travel up there in the middle of December.

My Doujinshi turned out to be five pages and a cover page.  I admit the cover is a piece of crap, because that is the first and only picture I’ve started and  finished on photoshop, but I can guarantee that the rest of my little manga is not.


Page one is below.  I’ll be posting the rest little by little.


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