Shojo Beat Contest

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A part of my contest fever was entering every contest featured in the December issue of Shojo Beat.  Most of the contests are basically drawing type and based solely on luck.  I entered all of them with the hopes of winning at least one.  One of the contests required me to design an outfit in order to win two complete outfits from the Japanese Gothic Lolita company Baby.

The outfit I designed is below.  Of Course the outfit is in the Gothic Lolita stlye.  It has to be dark and cute.  I drew a lot of lace to give it a flowing flowery feel.  Also the shirt collars are based on kimono. The jacket is essentially a military jacket while the shirt design was based on a corset. I used pink, because its cute and black because its supposed to be gothic. Tell me what you think.

gothloli1copy.jpg picture by galaxyalpha


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